Free instruction for artists on a budget

My Early Art Influences

I talk with Destination Arete about how my childhood art influences shaped me into the artist I am today. I share how imitating the drawing styles of my favorite artists helped me learn valuable skills in my teen years.


Modern Masters Podcast

I chat about faith and art with Tim Gagnon of the Gagnon Atelier.


Motivation & Support

Sentient Academy asks me how I stay motivated and how my family supports me.

Painting Demo

Andrea Backlit

A 1-hour demo with Sentient Academy, in which I paint my beautiful wife!


Portrait Painting

I sit down over coffee with one of my best friends, Mark Baral of Destination Arete, to discuss how to start pursuing portrait painting . Portraits are commonly attempted by beginners while being one of the most difficult forms of artistic expression. I give my opinions on marketing your art, what skill levels should attempt portraits, and how to stay motivated when results aren't what you want.