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By Adam

You could say I'm a slow mover. I met Andrea in 2002, when we enrolled in the commercial art program at Pensacola Christian College. Over the 7 years it took to earn our bachelors and masters degrees, Andrea and I became great friends but nothing more. Graduation day came, and we moved back to our families in Michigan and Ohio. However, we lived close enough to visit each other often. A year and half passed. Finally… I asked Andrea to be my girlfriend.

After another year and a half, I finally asked Andrea to marry me! When I did, I proposed with an unfinished painting. The day before, I secretly transformed Andrea’s barn loft studio into a coffee shop. The décor included a café table with two chairs and a framed print on the wall. The evening of my proposal, a trail of red leaves led Andrea to the café, where we enjoyed homemade Frappuccinos by candlelight. Then I led Andrea to the print and removed it from the frame to reveal a half-painted canvas underneath. I had painted a still life representing our relationship up to that point. I asked Andrea if she would complete the painting and if she would also complete me by being my wife. She said “yes.”

Andrea and I married in 2012. During our wedding, we signed the finished painting as a symbol of our unity.

Adam and Andrea signing wedding painting
Covenant oil painting by Adam and Andrea Clague

We now live outside Kansas City, Missouri in the house my grandpa built many years ago. We have two sons, Gideon and Jaron.

Andrea and I love capturing the beauty of God's creation on canvas. We hope our work is an inspiration and encouragement to you!



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