Nothing can replace the 1-on-1 assistance you'll get at a workshop. I also have 2 pre-recorded online workshops.


Online Course on The Art Journey

Sept 27–Oct 25, 2023: Glowing Citrus

Through presentations and demonstrations, I will share how to paint backlit fruit and demonstrate my process from beginning to end. I will also provide feedback on your works through group critiques.

Learn how to paint the vivid colors of illuminated citrus and understand the principles of composition, empowering you to create dynamic still life arrangements.

✅ 12 hours of live demonstrations
✅ Endless access to recordings
✅ Weekly feedback on your paintings
🔴 Course Enrollment Limited to 60

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In-Person Workshop • Hilton Head Island, SC

May 13–15, 2024: Creating Dynamic Still Life Paintings in Oil

In this fun, informative workshop, you will learn how to:

• Identify the colors in your subject with the 3 Questions for Correct Color
• Capture even the most subtle colors with my 6 Guidelines for Mixing Color
• Arrange dynamic still life setups with confidence
• And much more!

Note: Right after this workshop, I will teach a 1-day plein air workshop at the same location (see below). Sign up for one or both!

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In-Person Workshop • Hilton Head Island, SC

May 16, 2024: Plein Air Painting the Landscape in Oils

Stepping outside and painting the landscape can be exhilarating, but it can also feel overwhelming! In this plein air workshop, I will share the powerful principles you need to break down a scene into manageable chunks, establish your center of interest or "focal point" and create a dynamic, engaging composition.

Note: Right before this workshop, I will teach a 3-day still life workshop at the same location (see above). Sign up for one or both!

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In-Person Workshop • Whidbey Island, WA

June 20–22, 2024: Painting Backlit Fruit

In this workshop, I will teach my passion—backlit fruit!

Backlighting can provide great drama in your work and is a unique departure from traditional frontal lighting. And the vivid colors of glowing citrus flesh—what a joy to paint!

I’ll share the principles necessary to make your citrus paintings seem to glow with luminosity. I’ll show you my process start to finish. Each day, you’ll have the opportunity to paint from life as I offer one-on-one assistance and critiques. Please join me for a wonderful time of fun and learning!

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Pre-Recorded Online Workshop from $50

Painting the Portrait in the Landscape

A great supplement to the Online Video Course.
The Online Video Course contains extensive writings on outdoor lighting, but no demos of that subject. This recorded workshop contains 3 in-depth lectures and 4 demos of models under various outdoor lighting conditions.

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Pre-Recorded Online Workshop from $40

Capturing the Glowing Effect

In this 3.5–hour workshop with Sentient Academy, I'll help you simplify a backlit figurative scene into essential elements that can be captured quickly. As I paint a model backlit by the sun, I will demonstrate how to mix values, temperatures, and colors to harness the effects of sunlight.

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